We saved an engineering company 500 000 CZK

Magnetic separators are devices that use a magnetic field to remove magnetic impurities from various materials. These separators play a key role in the removal of unwanted particles, not only from substances such as coolant, but also from a variety of specific materials including chocolate and flour.

At the heart of each separator usually pulses a neodymium magnet, which is one of the strongest magnets available on the market. However, we can also find separators with ferrite or SmCo magnets at the centre. These innovative tools find applications in a variety of industrial fields. In particular, they are used in the food industry, paper industry, recycling, mineral extraction, automotive industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and many other sectors where they play an indispensable role.

We saved an engineering company 500,000 CZK a year

Imagine an engine and gearbox manufacturing company where precision manufacturing is key. Previously, the company spent a significant amount of money on new tools and cutting edges for machine tools, due to wear caused by metal micro-particles in the emulsion. These microparticles can degrade tool blades and lead to rapid wear.

With the installation of magnetic separators, the situation has fundamentally changed. Magnetic separators effectively remove metallic contaminants from working emulsions, extending the life of machine tools. As a result, annual costs were reduced, ultimately saving more than CZK 500,000 per year.

What is the breakdown of magnetic separators?

The classification of magnetic separators is based on the nature of the material that passes through the separator and is subsequently cleaned. They can be divided into separators for bulk materials or mixtures and separators for liquids and semi-liquids. Bulk materials can include, for example, flour, sugar or grain. On the other hand, in the category of liquids and semi-liquids we include, for example, chocolate, ketchup or cooling emulsions.

Another aspect for categorizing separators is the way in which the separators are operated and cleaned. The magnets must always be cleaned of trapped metal particles and it is very important to do this regularly. These operations can be done either automatically or manually, depending on the particular type of separator.

The use of magnetic separators has several advantages. Firstly, they ensure the purity of the products, which is key to meeting legal standards, while also protecting the consumer. In the engineering sector, these devices are also used to purify liquids during the production process. They enable companies to reduce service costs because clean fluids are kinder to production technology.

In the world of engineering and industrial manufacturing, thousands of crowns are wasted every year on spare parts, service and new tools because of one little thing - metal particles and dirt in working emulsions. Fortunately, there is a solution that can dramatically increase profitability: the magnetic separator.

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