Magnetic separator for non-magnetic metalsThis separator is a representative of a new generation of magnetic separators and allows separating of non-magnetic metals from other non-metallic particles. The separator consists of a conveyor on the end of which a magnetic induction roller is positioned. This roller is fitted with very strong rare-earth magnets NdFeB. The separation method is based on different conductivity of individual metals.



Structure of the magnetic separator of non-magnetic metals

Magnetic separator / filter for non-magnetic metalsEddy currents by action of which non-magnetic metals are "ejected" from the magnetic roller, are created during magnetic roller revolving. Non-metallic material falls off the conveyor spontaneously.

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As a consequence of this, transported material is divided into 2 portions  i.e.:

  • Non-magnetic metals (aluminium, copper)
  • Non-metallic material (plastics, paper, wood, glass, municipal waste)

Methods of using

Main fields of its application are in:

  • recycling industry,
  • disposal of electronic devices, cables

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