Magnetic manipulation tools

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Magnetic square

Magnetic square save your time when welding different profiles. They can be used for welding materials at the right angle, 45 °, or in the plane.

Manual sheet manipulator

Hand manipulators facilitate the work with sheet-metal plates. The plates can be easily moved, rotated, and handled any other way.

Magnetic metal sheet carrier

Magnetic transporters of sheet-metal plates facilitate the handling of sheet-metal boards and lead to a significant increase in the work safety.

Collectors of metal shavings

Manual magnetic collector of metal shavings is used to collect metal impurities in metal-working and locksmith workshops.

Magnetic manipulation rod

Manipulation rods facilitate and accelerate the insertion of pla- tes into presses and their pulling out or manipulating the burn- outs from sheet-metal plates.

Magnet to hand

Magnets to hand facilitate the work with sheet-metal plates. They are characte- rized with a wide range of applications in press shops.

Magnetic clarifiers of sheets / Magnetic sheet fanners

Magnetic clarifiers of sheet-metal plates are used to smooth unsticking of stacked sheet-metal plates.

Magnet on bar for plating shops

Magnets on rods for galvanizing and paint shops are used for removing parts from the tank.

Retrieving magnets

Extricating magnets are designed for catching and pulling of the metal objects from otherwise hardly accessible areas.
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