Magnetic drum, up-taking double-stage type (MBVD)

Magnetic drums – up-taking typeThis magnetic drum consists of the static magnetic core and rotating coat with carriers on which metal impurities are collected..

Lower drum catches metal impurities from the conveyor belt; non-magnetic material continues further on the conveyor.

Upper drum takes the metal impurities over from the lower drum and pours them onto a separate heap. Each drum has its separate motor and gearbox.

Material passing from the conveyor to the magnetic drum and, further, between both of the drums, the material becomes aerated that helps metal separation from adhesive materials.

Separator benefits

  • Highly efficient double-stage separation
  • Also suitable for adhesive materials
  • Double aeration – improvement of the efficiency of adhesive material separation

What materials the device is capable of sorting out

  • Bulk materials transported on the conveyor belt, with compromised bulk parameters.
  • Adhesive and hardly separable materials

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Double-stage separation – the principle

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