We are dealing with design, construction and manufacturing of separation lines. According to customer needs, we are capable of "made-by-measure" production of separation lines in a manner fulfilling all relevant specifications.

Always it depends on specific application, type and quantity of material to be sorted, as well as on many other factors.

We are going towards each customer to maximum extent. Our products are made to measure your needs. CONTACT US

The product has been developed and is manufactured by our company. Both servicing and assembling activities are performed by our trained technical experts.

Individual components of the separation line may be as follows:

We are especially focused on the production of separation lines dealing with the separation of both magnetic and non-magnetic metals from other types of materials (nonmetals).

Illustrated model of sorting line

Sorting (separation) line


  1. conveyor
  2. metal detector
  3. grinder
  4. conveyor
  5. magnet above the conveyor - self cleaning type
  6. magnetic roller
  7. Magnetic separator for non-magneticmetals
  8. conveyor
  9. grinder