Magnetic squareThe magnetic square will save a lot of time when welding various profiles. You can use it when welding material in right angles, 45° or on a plane. Our magnetic square can be used on coated welding with shielded welding or flame welding.


Methods of using

Its advantage consists in easy handling. It is also possible to use several squares as a set. Magnetic force will keep weldments at the required angle or plane. The square is adapted to work with tubes, strip material, profiled rods, sheets and/or other profiles.

Adjustable magnetic squareAdjustable magnetic square

The most universal magnetic square in the market!

  • Easy utilization
  • High variability
  • Adjustable angle in the range 45° - 90° (5° scale)
  • High holding force of the magnet
  • Quality and resistant design


On-line sale of manipulation tools

In our e-shop you will certainly make a good choice


On-line sale of manipulation tools

In our e-shop you will certainly make a good choice



Other manipulation aids that may facilitate your work

Manual metal sheet manipulators

The device is instrumental towards simplifying of working with metal sheets. Using the manipulator, the sheets may be simply moved, turned and/or otherwise handled. Great advantage consists in the posibility of de-magnetizing. By drawing up of de-magnetizing lever to the manual sheet manipulator body, sufficiently big air gap originates between the manipulator and metal sheet. Due […]

Manual magnetic collectors of metal shavings

Manual magnetic collectors are used to collect metal impurities (shavings, nails, screws, wires). Due to easy manipulation, they are frequently helping in metal-working and locksmith workshops. An easy de-magnetizing – by pulling the handrail in upper collector part, de-magnetizing takes place so caught metals can fall off easily.     Benefits High efficiency Easy handling and de-magnetizing […]

Magnetic manipulation rods

Magnetic handling rod MMT 20 x 6 This type of rods can be used not only for sheet handling. It will make sheet loading in and unloading from presses easier and quicker. It will result in reduction of risk of hand injury caused with sheet. Magnetic handling rods also eliminate hand inserting under the press head. This […]

Magnet to hand

Hand magnet makes metal sheet handling easier considerably. It has a wide scope of applications above all in the metal processing industry. Hand magnets are to be fixed to open hand straps. Magnetic force is balanced precisely (the handled sheet is held well during handling, however, it can be released easily by mere movement of fingers). […]

Magnetic clarifiers of metal sheets

Wherever magnetically conductive metal sheets are manipulated, separator of metal sheets can be employed. Making use of the permeability phenomenon, this device makes the metal sheets loose from one another without problems, thus enabling the operator to remove these sheets individually when feeding them into presses, power sheers, or when processing in any other way. […]

Magnets on bar for plating and painting shops

Magnets on bars are finding their application in particular in plating and painting shops. They are frequently used for pulling components out of tank or out of any other hardly accessible place. Magnet on bar is an excellent helper for such activities in plating and painting shops.   Magnet on bar is fitted with anisotropic […]

Retrieving magnets

Flexible retrieving magnet Flexible magnets are designed for catching and pulling of the metal objects from otherwise hardly accessible areas or secluded places, e. g. behind furniture, from pipelines, etc.   Bend the rod with a magnet to obtain various shapes – you will even get to inaccessible areas. Magnet parameters The magnet is capable […]