Lifting magnetMAGSY lifting magnets serve to manipulate both flat and round materials, e.g. in workshops, warehouses for metallurgical materials, when handling with knives, presses, firing and metal-working machinery, and when replacing forms in injection moulding machines.

By using very powerful rare-earth neodymium NdFeB magnets, we attain large outputs in small dimensional lifting magnets.

Main benefits

  • Lifting magnetYou simply "switch on and switch off" the lifting magnet using a lever on its flank side.
  • Magnetic power is not limited in time
  • Independent of electrical energy
  • Minimum maintenance requirements

We are selling only certified magnets

CertificateOur lifting magnets are tested in the Engineering Test Institute in Brno. Each magnet is individually tested before we sell it, including a certificate of the capacity. Each lifting magnet meets the requirements directive of European Parliament and European Council 2006/42/EC.

We guarantee operative delivery dates

Delivery date of all types specified in the table is 3-5 days after receipt a binding order; per order we are also supplying the loading capacity 5 000 kg.

LIfting magnets for sale on-line

In our e-shop you can choose from a wide range of magnets