Separator in a company for the production of bearings

In industrial and manufacturing operations, maintaining the purity and quality of raw materials and supplies is crucial to ensure smooth running production processes and quality results. Magnetic separators are an increasingly important part of these operations. In this article, we look at a magnetic separator used in a bearing manufacturing company.

Magnetic separator in a bearing manufacturing company

A company specialising in the manufacture of wheel bearings faced a challenge that many industrial companies are familiar with - how to keep the working emulsion in optimum condition and extend its life. The machining emulsion is a key medium in the wheel bearing manufacturing process. However, the problem was that this emulsion was prone to contamination by metal particles. These metal particles came from a variety of sources including raw materials, tools and even the machines themselves. Once these metal particles got into the emulsion, they caused problems.

To solve this problem, the company decided to deploy an automatic magnetic flow separator. The flow-through magnetic separator was placed in the emulsion passage and attracted metal particles as they passed by. By removing the metallic impurities from the emulsion, the emulsion was kept in optimal condition. This significantly extended its lifetime. With a clean emulsion, the company was able to significantly reduce the frequency of emulsion changes. This resulted in lower costs for purchasing new media and reduced waste. The 32% extension of the emulsion lifetime had an unmissable impact on the cost and efficiency of the production process. Not only did the company save money on emulsion and tooling costs, but it also improved the quality of its products and reduced its negative impact on the environment through waste reduction.

What is the primary purpose of a magnetic separator?

  • Equipment protection: Magnetic separators help protect machinery and equipment from damage caused by metallic contaminants. Metal particles can cause wear and scratch surfaces, which can lead to expensive repairs and component replacements.
  • Improving product quality: In industries where product purity is critical, such as food or pharmaceuticals, magnetic separators help to remove metal impurities, ensuring a high quality end product.
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