Magnetic water de-hardener (diameters 20, 25, 32 mm)Hard water contains higher concentrations of calcium or magnesium salts forming deposits through crystallization (i. e. lime-scale) on pipelines, armatures or water closures. The effect increase in importance significantly when the water is heated so the lime-scale mostly deposits on the heating elements of boilers, washing machines, washers and electric kettles.  Deposited lime-scale not only decreases the lifetime of these devices but also increases electrical energy consumption. In addition to that, lime-scale removal is very complicated and costly (if even possible).

How is the magnetic water de-hardener working?

Magnetic water de-hardener changes physical parameters of salts passing through the magnetic field and – if pronounced in a simplified form – it “softens” the water, thus limiting lime-scale deposition significantly. Water „treated“ this way may then even dilute deposits already created.

Magnetic water de-hardener installation into pipelines

Our product does not need electrical energy nor reserve filling. On contrary to other products available in the market, it disposes of strong neodymium magnets whose magnetic field is significantly stronger than that typical for ferrite magnets. Plastic coat is equipped with ergonomic elements for an easy installation, without pipeline interruption, and without any tooling!

Magnetic water de-hardener effect onto water quality

The measure of decreasing of water hardness and deposit creation depends on a type and state of a pipeline in question, water temperature, water hardness level and other external factors. The value of this parameter cannot be guaranteed!

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WARNING:  The device is not designed / approved for drinking water treatment. We recommend to install it as far as behind the branch line for a heated process water production (to a kettle, boiler or washing machine).