Clip magnetClip magnets are very strong rare-earth neodymium NdFeB magnets covered with a rubber layer protecting them against damaging.

Methods of using

These clip magnets serve e.g. to fixation and grasping of two independent objects, hinges, handrails). Furthermore, these clip magnets find a wide application range e.g. in workshops and stores where you can find your own clamping system to be used for tools, knives, meters, etc.
Clip magnets are mutually attracted with a force of max. 17 N (ca 1.7 kg)!

Self-adhesive magnets

Clip magnetIn case you decide to use these products as clamping magnets, please order the type with self-adhesive layer located on one side; this will provide a simple and quality magnet adhesion, even in case of uneven surfaces.


  • Magnet diameter - 15 mm
  • Magnet height - 5 mm
  • Rubber part dimensions - 40 x 20 mm

On-line sale of magnets

In our e-shop you will certainly make a good choice


On-line sale of magnets

In our e-shop you will certainly make a good choice


Demonstrations of magnet using clip magnets

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