Magnets for handymen

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Belt clip magnet

This is a very useful aid for craftsmen, handymen and repairers. Using a clip located on the rear side, attach the magnet onto a belt.

Magnetic bottle opener

This quite useful tool enables bottle opening by just a single move – and, simultaneously, the cap is caught.

Magnetic small bowl

From the outer side, very strong magnets are situated on the bowl bottom. These magnets are capable of keeping all objects in the bowl.

Magnetic beverage holder

Attach the cup or bottle holder onto any metal surface, e. g. fridge, shelf wall, window frame or assembling box.

Magnetic color for walls

It is used as a base coat. The coat contains very small iron particles due to what it gains magnetic-board function so magnets are firmly attached to it

Magnetic holder of nails and screws

A magnet located on the holder end is capable of holding the nail or screw. Due to the holder, nails can be hammered even on places characterized by worsened availability.

Magnetic wristband

Prepare metal screws for the red rectangles and start to work.

Magnetic measuring tape

Magnetic tape length is one meter. It contains red and blue ink resistant against UV rays. The ink is positioned on a white vinyl surface.

Magnetic attachment sets

These magnetic attachment sets always contain very strong magnet and corresponding steel counter-piece with a hole for a countersunk-head bolt. Two stainless steel M4 screws with the length of 35 mm are included.
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