Magnets in the steel caseVery strong rare-earth neodymium NdFeB magnet is inserted into steel case. The magnet is as strong as it is capable of attaching of up to 15 pieces of office paper in the A4 format on the magnetic board. Due to the metal case ergonomic shape, the magnet is pleasant to handle. The metal case also increases magnet resistance and decreases the risk of its damaging.

This magnet we prepared for you in two color modifications - golden and silver ones.


  • Magnet diameter - 10 mm
  • Magnet height - 3 mm
  • Total height - 25 mm
  • Case diameter - 20 mm (in the widest part)

On-line sale of magnets

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Metal case turning

Metal case for magnets – manufacturing procedure.

On-line sale of magnets

In our e-shop you will make a good choice



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