Magnetic pocketUsing this magnetic pocket, e.g. stock card can be positioned simply and clearly directly into a shelf system, onto a place where it is most advantageous. The pocket magnetizes around its entire area. A document located in this pocket is mobile and may be replaced very easily. Furthermore, this magnetic pocket can be used e.g. in filing and recording of a specific product information; the product concerned would be one passing through the production and more operations are made on it.

Magnetic pocket dimensions

We offer the pockets in four general dimensions: A3, A4, A5, and in the business card size. 

On-line sale of magnetic pocket

In our e-shop you may choose from a rich offer


On-line sale of magnetic pocket

In our e-shop you may choose from a rich offer



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Magnetic pockets with color frame

The pocket has a magnetic band around the entire frame circumference. It protects documents against dust and pollution. Maintenance and handling operations are very easy. General pocket design is in the A4 and A3 formats, in blue, red and grey colors. By request we also manufacture various pocket sizes and frame colors. Magnetic pocket dimensions […]

Magnetic pockets with an aperture

Attach the pocket onto any metal pad. The pocket has a magnetic band around the entire frame circumference. This magnetic pocket is characterized by a plastics area just on its edge. Therefore, it is easy to write on the piece of paper inserted, without a need to remove the paper from the pocket. Magnetic pocket […]

Magnetic pockets with a fold

Attach the pocket onto any straight metal pad. The pocket is characterized by a free upper edge into which a piece of paper is to be inserted; then attach the pocket to the metal surface. The pocket is suitable as a notice board of e.g. safety directions.  Magnetic pocket dimensions We offer the pocket in […]

Magnetic pockets for non-magnetic surfaces

This magnetic pocket is completely different from what you have been knowing so far. On its rear side, there is a self-adhesive layer due to which the pocket may be attached onto non-magnetic surfaces (wood, plastics, glass, etc.), and even repeatedly. Then, after the magnetic frame has been tilted out, insert any document to be […]

Magnetic sheets / magnetic foils

Among others, a magnetic foil can serve as a visual advertisement carrier. An advertisement produced in this way is removable easily, it does not damage the substrate like standard self-sticking foils. Potential graphics can be applied using screen printing, off-set or self-sticking foil. It always depends on the colours required and a motif that is […]

Flexible magnetic board

This magnetic foil is not to be put on a magnetic pad but onto magnetic products attached on it. For an attachment to the background surface (e.g. box or wall), the foil is equipped with a self-adhesive layer. On the opposite side it is characterized by a white, glossy surface onto which it is possible […]

Magnetic strips (tapes)

Magnetic self-sticking tapes (strips) After cutting a required piece and removal of a protective paper tape, stick the magnetic tape on any object. The object can then be located on a magnetic surface, i.e. on a notice board, fridge.   Magnetic tape (strip) dimensions As a standard, we are offering three sizes - width 15, […]

Magnetic labels

Magnetic C-profiles enable very fast and easy identification of stocks, shelves, etc. Besides own c-profile, each magnetic c-profile contains a paper label and transparent PVC foil. Insert the firm paper label (writeable) into the magnetic c-profile together with the transparent PVC foil (protecting the label against polluting, dusting, etc.) and locate it onto an arbitrary metal base. […]

Magnetic photo papers

The best, fastest and easiest magnetic photo production at your home! This is the most amazing magnetic product you have ever seen! Take a funny picture from your party or holidays, print in on the magnetic paper and put it onto fridge as a magnet. You will have unique memories in front of your eyes all the time! […]